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60 Desoto Front Shocks

From: Larry H
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Date: April 09, 2003


Hi, Just thought I might pass along to anyone working on a 1960 Forward Look car I found a source to get front shocks from. I am in the process of doing a PST front suspenion & AAJ disc brake conversion. Well while I was at it I thought I might as well replace the shocks. Well I could not find anyone who listed front shocks for a 60 Desoto. Well as I was taking my front suspension apart I noticed the front shocks had been replaced before and had an old Napa part number on them. Well my local Napa guy couldn't find a cross refernce for the part number or any listing for shocks for my car so he called there distrubution center and they where able to cross it to their Sensa-Trac line of shocks. They had some at the main dist. center and I was able to get my shocks. $20us each plus shipping. I wanted to pass along the part number in case someone else might need it. The box has part # 5811. Napa doesn't list this part number in their catologs so you will have to get them to call their main supply and have them special order them for you. Well I hope this helps someone out there.


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