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Re: polysphere questions, transmission interchange?

From: Michael
Email: Maukiece[removethis]
Remote Name:
Date: April 10, 2003


What year is the poly? I'm in the process of doing this swap. I've done a little research and have a rebuilt trans from a 70 E body that has a low gear set and shift kit, and I bought an LA torque converter (11" - 2600 stall speed). I can't exactly give you facts and figures as I'm going off of what Iv'e been told by those in the know. I'm doing this on a 65 B body...and I seem to recall that 62 and up poly motors will accept the later trans but I'm not sure if the early motors will. So my success with this swap may not help you much if you have an early motor. Wish I could be of more help...


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