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Pre-'62 polys have different crank flange than '62-up polys

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 10, 2003


If the poly came with a cast iron A-466 Torqueflite then it is a pre-62 poly, with the pre-62 crank flange. The '62-up trans will not even physically bolt to an engine block with a pre-62 crankshaft installed, as the pre-62 flange protrudes out of the engine farther than the '62-up flange. The pre-62 flange is eight-bolt unthreaded as well, as compared to the six-bolt threaded design of stock 1962-91 318 crank flanges. You can put a '62-'91 3188 crank in that engien and then you can use a '62-up 727/904/518/999 Torqueflite or '62-up manual trans. behind it.


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