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Gear Vendors gearsplitter- you'd have a SIX speed and your pushbuttons! Just pay lots of money!

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: April 10, 2003


All you need to do is put a Gear Vendors gear splitter behind that 727 and you will have a transmission setup that can change from a 4-speed auto mode (O/D only in top gear) to a 6-speed mode (shifts to O/D in all three gears) with the flip of a dash switch. The pushbuttons in the dash and the park lever will stay as they are. The G.V. unit will cost you about $3000 and you'll need a shorter driveshaft. The other thing you could do is use an A-518 (O/D version of the 727) and install a weak valve spring so that the pushbutton cable can shift it through the R-N-D-3-2-1 arc. Steeing up this and the park lever would require TONS of fabrication and trial-and-error setup time. The A-518 would also require floorpan modifications, crossmember modifications, and a shorter driveshaft. By the time you got through with this it likely will have cost you as much money and more time than a Gear Vendors installation (and no six-speed mode), so the Gear Vendors gearsplitter would REALLY be the way to go if you want to pay the money it will take to have more than three forward gears.


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