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found an engine for sale

From: loat1e
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Date: April 11, 2003


I was talking to one of the local mopar guys about the old poly motors yesterday. I was going to rebuild the one in my car and am still looking for aftermarket parts. He said he knew nothing but his neighbor might. Turns out the neighbor still had a 318 poly engine in his garage that was taken out of a car he wreched when it was still new! It has 14,000 miles and looks like a timecapsule. Its been stored indoors the whole time and looks only a little dusty. He said he was going to use it someday but never did. Turns it over by hand every few years and put some light oil in the upper end. He said he'd sell it for 600. I wanted to ask if this sounds like a good deal. I wanted to build a mild peformance engine but this stock one is sooo nice. He says its a 61 but now that I know how to tell the years apart I'm going to go back for another look.


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