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My top five

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 11, 2003


1. '57 DeSoto senior series. Looks modern even today because of the 'grille-less' effect. 2. '57-'59 300 C-E. I like the red inserts of the 'E' especially . 3. 1958 Plymouth. Perfect, got rid of the ugly under-bumper cooling holes of the '57, which was the only flaw of the '57 Plymouth front end. Both years are best with the bumper wings, I think. 4. 1956 DeSoto. Smooth inserts, really clean, under-rated as it has no 'teeth' but a clean design. 5. 1961 Plymouth. Really, the best 'ugly' front end ever made, even copied (minus the grille) on VW's Type III (European) Karmann Ghia. Has an aggressive character and flair that other 'ugly' front ends lack. ('58 Packard,'61 Rambler Ambassador,'55-'56 Pontiac,etc. and let us not forget the CURRENT Pontiac Aztek!)


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