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My 2 worth

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: April 13, 2003


1) 1955 Plymouth - By far the cleanest of the early Forwardlooks in styling. So good, the 56 was essentially the same! 2) 1956 Desoto - Has the great sculpted shape of the 1955, but the "teeth" are gone, replaced by the suptle eggcrate grille (I know I will get hate mail from the teeth battalions, but my opinion only) 3) 1957 Chrysler 300C. For first time, the 300 had its own identity and body panels. And impressive ones 4) 1957 Dodge D500 2 door HARDTOP. Very clean lines, and a front end that was intimidating. 5) 1960 Plymouth - As second gen Forwardlooks went, I think this came off the best overall. 6) 1956 Imperial - Gotta love the gunsites, and the 4-door CONVERTIBLE is a tour de force! 7) 1957/58 Plymouth - Could be higher, but I think due to all the Christine hoopola, I place it back here as "overused". Sorry! 8) 1955 C300 - Hey, for scrounging the Mopar parts bin, the styling guys came up with great "crossover" parts. This is the forerunner of all the stuff the majors do now (without the testosterone under the hood) when they make a "sport" package. Pioneered by Exner! 9) 1957 D100 Pickup - Hey, Fins look good on trucks too! 10 - 1957 Dual Gia convertible. Italian good looks with KD500 Dodge muscle. All of the above opinions, plus about 50, will get you a cup of coffee at your local 7/11.


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