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Pigeon Forge Grand Run (This Past Weekend)

From: Nathan Manning
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Date: April 15, 2003


Hey fellow ForwardLookers... Did anyone make it down/up/over to this past weekend's "Grand Run" in Pigeon Forge, TN? I live in the area, so I thought I'd cruise my '56 Dodge around town for a few hours Saturday night... It seemed there were a few billion cars in town... but I didn't see that many ForwardLook rides. Among the few, I DID see a beautiful '59 DeSoto 4-Door Hardtop (White and Blue)... and a sharp '57 Plymouth 4-door sedan (Light Green). I'm just curious to see if anyone else had the chance to cruise through. There's a MoPar show in Sevierville coming up on May 31st at the Sevier County Fairgrounds... Trophies will be given in 30 different classes. For more information, call Irene Hillman at 865-428-4920 or 865-428-4608.


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