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poly with factory electronic ignition?

From: loat1e
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Date: April 15, 2003


Well now that i've been researching polyspheres people have offered me some pretty nice engines for sale. I was offered a surplus engine that has only minimal use. Looks cherry. I noticed some strange things about it. The air cleaner had a sticker on it that said 'read owners manual before working on this engine...equiped with electronic ignition' or something to that effect. I thought it was wrong until I popped the dist cap and saw a style of mopar ignition that I've not seen did have an electronic pickup. Anyone know anything about these? The guy wants 700 for the engine. I looked up the stamping number on the block under the driver's side head and it was a 318-3-5. according to Yearone this is a 'premium' engine...whatever that means. I'm told everything is forged and has floater pistons.


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