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LoadFlites are truck ONLY, here's all the different TorqueFlites the Imperial had from 57-66

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 17, 2003


Rodger is of course correct that the frame and cowl (including windshield) of Imperials are basically the same from 1957-66. However, Rodger obviously does not have a Hollander's Interchange Manual, so for the benefit of the group (before someone tries to swap a '63 trans. into a '58 and then finds out it won't fit!) let's recap what TorqueFlites these years of Imperials had. 1957-58 Imperials have trans. part # 1738227/ 1959 Imperials have either # 1854167 (med. duty) or # 1949277 (heavy duty)/ 1960-61 Imperials have #2204753. These all connect to the eight-bolt unthreaded crankshaft flanges of 1957-61 Imperials, but the 57-58 use the 392 Hemi and the 59-61 use the 413 Wedge. They hav edifferent bellhousings, but on pre-1962 cast iron Torqueflites the bellhousings are bolted on and can be interchanged onto other A-466 cast iron 'Flites. << IN 1962, ALL PASSENGER CAR V8's CHANGE TO A SIX-BOLT THREADED CRANKSHAFT FLANGE >> [Hollander's shows that some early 1962 Dodge truck engines use the 1961-type eight-bolt flange, and all 1962 Industrial Hemis (their last year) use the eight-bolt flange as well] << PRE-1962 ENGINES USE PRE-1962 TRANS, 1962-UP ENGINES USE 1962-UP TRANS. (exclusive of crankshaft swaps, custom spacers, etc.) >> 1962 Imperial trans. is # 2205190, 1963-64 Imperial trans. is # 2408006 (med. duty) or # 2464426 (heavy duty), and 1965 is # 2466125. Sorry, my Hollander stops at 1965 and the 1966 is a different trans. than '65 as the '65 is cable shifted and the '66 is linkage shifted.


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