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Yep, '63 has the last vestigial Mopar fins!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 17, 2003


If I missed your post the first time way back when, I apologize! I try to get on this site once a day, but hey we're all 'volunteers' here.... NOW it's on the board, though! Anyway, yes I would agree the '63 has the last (vestigial) Mopar fins, much as the '64 Cadillac has the last GM fins. More importantly the '63 Imp has the free-standing headlights, a truly unique feature for post-1940's cars. The '61 Imperial with the free-standing lights and its HUGE sharkfins is a truly unique design even among Forward Look cars! PS: the 1961 A-466 cast iron Torqueflite w/bellhousing weighs 65 lbs. more than the 1962 alum. case 727!


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