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Re: SHIMMY SHIMMY SHAKE .....after 60mph that is

From: Kenny J.
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Date: April 20, 2003


Welcome to the forum, Jason. I had a similar problem with my '59 Plymouth. The shake began at 45 mph and grew worse up to 65 mph. The car did this with all new suspension components, new tires, good rims a new rear U-joint and a rebuilt front U-joint. I had the drive line checked, just in case the drive shaft or clutch assembly was out of balance. It turned out the housing for the front ball and trunnion U-joint was worn and the new "guts" didn't help. Vibration can be caused so many things. Some tire shops balance the tires, but don't pay attention to whether or not the rims wobble. Are your U-joints okay? Wheel bearings properly adjusted? What about control arm bushings? Does the vibration go away if you put the car in neutral? Is it worse under acceleration? Or when you coast in gear? Do you have bias ply tires or radials? How good are your leaf spring bushings? Does the same vibration occur at lower road speed if you have the transmission in lower gears? Any dents or evidence of missing weights on the drive shaft? Another thought is that sometimes people damage the rear brake drums when remove them inproperly. A bent or warped brake drum is a possibility, though very unlikely. Do you feel the vibration through your steering wheel or the entire car?


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