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'59 Dodge Sierra Spectator

From: Rodger
Email: 1-719-749-2297
Remote Name:
Date: April 20, 2003


Hola; I stopped today to look at a wagon that I have noticed on passing. It is a 2 bbl'd BB w/torqueflight. It has a radio. The lower red lens is broken on both sides in the rear. The rings around the headlights are missing on both sides. The front/r fender emblem is missing and the rear alxe assy. The guy who has the car stated he took the car for lack of payment some fifteen years ago. Sooo, he has no title. The wagon is next to a Hudson "Super Wasp" and not to far from a studibaker. When I asked what he wanted for the wagon he was not to sure of the value. As of this moment the car is on Elbert Hwy at about ten miles from Calhan, Colo. Rodger b


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