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HOLY SCARY!! shimmy shaken, oh and i need brake help too!

From: Jason In Utah
Email: sasquatch
Remote Name:
Date: April 21, 2003


To answer some of the questions from before, the tires are the Coker Classic white walled tires, the ones with zero traction! they are "4 ply polyester cord tubless" tires the car is a manual, shocks are "new". the tires have good tread depth and they were just balanced/rotated(which did help a little)........what else? i do not know the exact condition of the springs, driveline, etc. however the former owner told me that the park brake band had a tendency to come loose and needed to be tightened periodically, but i really don't see that causing it.. i'm open to suggestions! now for the brake questions. i just rebuilt the master cylider on this car (it was not pressurizing well/ it was leaking brake fluid down the pushrod and dripping on the floor) now it passed the stop test for safety, but the brakes are pulling in the front and the pedal never goes down to the same depth. it looked/felt like i had all the air bled out of the system,and i'm not losing brake fluid. before you could pump the pedal twice and get good even stopping pressure. sound like air?? or maybe wheel cylinders?.......i really don't want to rebuild any more brakes if i dont have to (I just did the wheel cylinders/pads on my'58 power wagon and '85 ram) any suggestions?? oh,BTW the shoes were changed about 2-3 years ago, but the car hasn't been driven much since then Thanks, Jason


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