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Re: Synthetics in an old engine?

From: mike myhrvold
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Date: April 23, 2003


I have switched to synthetics in some high milage engines and found that they do use more oil. My truck needs a top off between 3000 mile oil changes and I had a turbo Omni GLH that actually started blowing a little smoke when I changed over to Mobil 1. Changed back to mineral oil and the smoking quit. We used to have a chain of shops here in Florida called Enginewity that would pump solvent through the engine and clean out the sludge, etc. Then they would pump oil in to remove the solvent and then change the oil. It worked real good. I had several cars done. I think they sold out to one of the oil change companies. Check with your local 15 minute oil change and see if they offer the service.


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