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Re: Ignition upgrade

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: April 26, 2003


What you say can be true, but your points will never degrade with elc. ing., or have to be adjusted or clean up again, or replaced; and with a hot coil preformace will stay at a higher level much longer; a good set of 8mm wires with that coil will also help. Points degrade the frist time that they are used and will continue to degrade till you clean the surface and reset them, that is worth the price in the upgrade by it's self. I drive my 65 poly 30+ miles a day (been my daily driver for 3 years), been on the same tune up without adjustment to anything for 6 months and all I replaced 6 months ago was the cap and roter (didn't really need that, but did gained 3 sec in the 1/4 for doing it), just cleaned regaped the plugs (didn't even have to clean the plugs much) and put them back in...... I would also recomend that you replace the volt regulator with the after market one field wire elct. regulator ( looks just like the stock one); for the elct. ign. work at it's best you need to do this up grade also; the vared voltage of the old points type regulator does not allow it to preform to peak. All but one of my old mopars have been upgraded, if not with a mopar kit, then with a pertroix kit and the last one will be upgraded when I start driving it again,,,,,


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