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Re: Ignition upgrade

From: Jeffc
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Date: April 26, 2003


I have used a few Accel super coils, 1 Mallory..... but with the mopar system most coils will work just fine with it, even the real high performance type, but that is a little over kill with a stock or close to stock engine..... if it's a trailer queen that only come out for show, there a few coils that look stock but have more umfffff....... I use MSD 8mm wires that are pre made up (no cutting) made to fit the 289 Ford small blocks, fit on my polys just fine, they also come in colors now, so you can have a more stock look of black.... A up graded coil and wires will keep your plugs in a cleaner condition and firing better. I gap the plugs at 40 instead of the 35 stock setting. If you do up grade the coil, the old stock 7mm wires will not hold up long, just depends on how much you drive it before they will start to cross discharging..... If you haven't already, replace the ballast with the one rated for the late 70s Mopars 4 post ecu box.....


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