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Hey Alumcan and Other Forward Look Junkies!!

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: May 02, 2003


Are you out picking cans, you crazy harley drivin' fool?! :D long time no speak!! ever find the 'vert you've been wanting????? I haven't seen a posting from you on here in a while. Of course i cant say much against that has been a few months :P Im in the process of starting up my own business... "Hendricks Obsolete Parts and Auto Salvage" :D plus running the tire shop here... and working on my restorations. I traded the mustang in 2 months ago and bought a 99 Dodge 3500 Diesel Duallie truck. Will come in handy for the biz ;) I've been browsing through the wanted ad's and getting in touch with anyone who needs parts that i can possibly get. So everyone post your wanted ads... if i cant help, most likely someone else can!!! Jessica Hendricks


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