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62 Chrysler Rear

From: Steve Hobby
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Date: May 02, 2003


I have a 62 New Yorker with a 413. I am in the process of converting the brakes from drum to disk in the front. However, as all you Old Mopar buffs know, the parking brakes weren't too reliable. Mine is working after a couple of hours of TLC and a few adjustments. I am looking to upgrade the rear brakes to a 70's vintage brake system, and get the parking brakes into the rear wheels. My first thought was to change the whole rear which makes a great deal of sense. The second thought is to try to change the backing plates, but that becomes risky and leaves open a new can of snakes. Has anyone done a rear swap on one of these before? If so, can I just take a C body rear from another Chrysler, 69 to 71 and bolt it in? Drive shaft problems? Caster? Any experience would be appreciated. Incidently, I reccommend AAJ Brakes. Roger knows his stuff.


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