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Re: one wire alternators

From: casey
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Date: May 09, 2003


one wire alternators work great! just use a typical gm unit for say a 1979 slomaro witha 350. buy a two wire plug at auto parts store that plugs into the side. they sell these pigtails in the wiring section. hook the big wire from the plug to the back stud of the unit.then also hook up some say 10 gauge wire to the stud as well. run that wire to the pos. batt. cable or starter relay. run the little wire from the plug to the light as the ground. in other words the power for the light comes from ign. and the ground from the alt. now here is the only catch and it's no big deal. the one wire unit is not self exiting so when you start the car it won't start to charge until you rev the motor a little. then it will push 14 volts even at idle. some of these units can be had in chrome from jegs jc witt. ect. if you want to be extra special. good luck hope this helps.


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