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Roof Rail Rubber Problems - plymouth 2dr h/top

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: May 09, 2003


After waiting and saving for a few months to purchase new roof rail rubber to almost finish off my 2 door h/top savoy. I cut them to size and fit them to the stainless steel holder. Then fitted them into place. Thats where my problems and disappointment begin. I'm hoping someone out there has fixed the problem and can tell me what to do or is it a common tale. Before fitting the rubber the windows wound up and down, and the doors shut nice. The rubbers are a two peice type the front type different to the back window type. New Iems from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts. I'm in now way suggesting the parts are faulty and that I am unhappy with Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts. I received exactly what I ordered in only 5 days , Thats good service especially since I live in Australia! 1st the door wont close properly when the window is wound up. it seems the rubber is to stiff or something and the vent window does close into the rubber recess. 2nd The rear window when wound up jams tight at the top and about 3-4 inches short of the rear edge of the door window. It wont wind any more towards the front of the car. Can anyboby help, sorry to ramble on just trying to explain my problem. Thanks for any assistance


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