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Re: You mean 318 poly?bracket

From: Clay Wood
Remote Name:
Date: May 10, 2003


Not really a correction, just some additional information. Not all exports were the only ones to have the Generator mounted on the other side. I have a 58 Plymouth as well, but it is a factory A/C car. The Compressor is on the left (if looking at the engine from the front of the car) and the generator is on the right. The bracket is of very HEAVY gauge iron, and bolts onto the intake manifold and mentioned earlier. I have searched the web for pictures of cars similar to mine to see if mine is configured correctly, but havent had any luck thus far. I belive mine to be correct though, as there doesnt seem to be anything that was altered with. Heck, it still had the original plugs and wires on it when I got it! (22,000 miles on the clock). Just an FYI! Clay Wood


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