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Questions RE: Oil filter and electrical problem in 58 Plymouth 318

From: George
Remote Name:
Date: May 11, 2003


I finally have gotten my 58 Belvedere sorta running again and I have encountered some odd problems. First my Fram K21 kit was a fizzle and pumped oil out all over the driveway. I have replaced the adaptor kit with the original oil filter. However, the paperwork with the oil filter element shows a spring in the filter canister that holds the filter in place. Am I missing a part? There was never a spring there when I worked with it before. Second, I have found that the coil wire resistor smokes when bolted down as it is supposed to be. It seems OK when hanging loose, but as soon as I bolt it to the firewall it starts smoking. I'm guessing that somehow the coil resistor is shorting to the mounting bracket but I can't see where. Any ideas?


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