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2.76 Gears for my dodge, and carb jitters

From: Kelly
Email: 325 867 5309
Remote Name:
Date: May 15, 2003


Hey guys. I am planning to take the Dodge Áross country this summer, and I want to put some low (numerically) rear gears in the dodge to facilitate cruising at 85 economically (blame the Hot Rod article on the 'Suddenly' Plymouth for that one) while I blow away some import on I-10. What should I look for in the Bone yard, and while I am on that search, what rear brakes will bolt on easily? Another question: I put a rebuilt carter on the dodge, and when I go to step on the gas, it hesitates before it goes. I know that I don't have the idle mixture right yet. Anybody have any tips for that? Thanks guys! Kelly


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