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Exhaust System's

From: Rodger
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Date: May 17, 2003


Hola; Back in 1950 sumthin when MoPar started using the V8 engine they at first just tied both banks into the big long muffler that was in the Imperial's and New Yorker's. Why not, the straight eight was 323 cubes and the new V8 was 331 cubes. Then the power war started. Two big mufflers and a set of tubes for each bank. It worked. By 1956 the top vehicle was listed as 354 hp using one set of pipes from each bank into a set of mufflers that were/are big (long), and quite. By the end of the Forward Look era the top dog was using a dual system that had a muffler and a resonator. At about that same time Ford was producing vehicles that had a cross over tube between the pipes. This added benifits for V8's that idled and was used at low rpm's ( driving ). As we all know time rolls on. From the NASCAR boys the "X" system comes into the power scene. The main benifit of the "X" or the "Calif Cross Over" is that it adds hp from idle to red line. Also due to its design it evens out the flow for better emmision's. If you have set of duals with the "H" pipe this will lower your emmisions, raise your mpg figures and your power while keeping your ride appearing the same if you have the muffler shop cut out the old and install the new. The "X" system has nuthin to do with the audio (noise) level of the system. Do I have such a system in our car? Yes I do. I have duals into the "X" and then into a set of NAPA #17749's (aka Walker Turbo / aka '69 MoPar hp) and at the rear a set of 20" long 2 1/4" inlet-outlet resonator's (aka '70 Chrysler 300). With this system I'm back to the fifties factory audio levels and have more hp. Rodger Colo Spgs


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