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Re: Hemi origins

From: jeffc
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Date: May 25, 2003


The hemi engine that we know and love in the Mopar line was a Mopar ceation; however, the valve idea of head design was around for a long time (1904) in europe with twin OH cams used in race appications. In the late 40s it was used by Chrysler in aircraft and tank (V12) engines and are the experments that leed to the early car hemis. There was a bowtie enginer that fitted a hemi head, of his design, to a flat head ford engine in the late 40s, but it didn't really go anywere. Chrysler's frist hemi for car use was a strait 6, never produced and only used for testing (48). With ford and gm both up dating and going to HOV engines, Chrysler needed a engine to keep the pace of "BIG HEAVY" cars and good performace that were becoming a trend, thus the frist non-OHC, using a center cam shaft Chrysler OHV hemi production engines were introduced in the 51 and the hemi of fame was born. There it is in a nut shell..... Jeffc


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