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Re: 57 hemi 3 speed auto 59

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: May 27, 2003


Roger...There were more than one thickness trans adaptor for the hemis (and polys). The 1955 DeSoto used a thin adaptor (about 7/8" thick), and the 1957 hemis used a thicker (about 1 1/8" thick) adaptor. I think the bellhousing was matched with the adaptor. I don't know yet if you can put a 1957-up A466 Torqueflite to a thin adaptor (for the starter engagement) with a 1956 torque converter and a 1956 bellhousing and have it fit, but it should, theoretically. A 1957 torque converter would need the thick adaptor and starter for correct engagement, plus the 1957 bellhousing. I have a 1957-up hemi Torqueflite, and both a thin and thick adaptor, plus the 1957 converter and a 1956 Powerflite watercooled converter and bellhousing. In the future I had planned to match these up and make the stackup measurements. Maybe someone else out there has already done this and can give definitive answers to the about scenarios?


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