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California Nicknames

From: Kenny J.
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Date: May 28, 2003


Due to the various laws and regulations, California has received such nicknames as "The People"s Republic of California" and the "Land of No." Many people I know who live in Southern California see both the humor and tragedy of such labels. Some people in Northern California, especially in the Bay Area, are deeply offended by such remarks. But I'll be the first to point out, most of the hobbyists, salvage yards and vintage vehicle hobby suppliers in the Golden State I have dealt with over the years are among the best. And we can't take for granted they way they stick their necks out for all of us. Remember, if one state successfully passes an extreme law, others, or the Feds may follow! Please keep us updated on such proposals and counter proposals that affect our hobby. I'd rather drive my Forward Lookers than simple have to look at pictures in a Mopar history book!


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