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Not Only That, But......

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: May 29, 2003


Leaving the ignition on with the engine not running can fry your points. Incidently, a bad ignition switch can cause some of the symptoms you described. I had a switch that would sometimes work in the "ON" or "RUN" position, other times I had to jiggle it to get it to stay in the right spot so the engine wouldn't quit and the final straw was when I had to hold the key in a certain position to keep the engine running once I got it started. Try driving a with a three on the tree while having to keep pressure on your ignition key. Before I figured out it was the switch, I was also puzzled as to why the car would start and run fine one time, then suddenly quit, crank, but not restart. This isn't a likely source of your problem, but it's worth checking into. A friend had a similar problem with the column mounted ignition switch in his '72 Duster. He had to shove a metal shim in with the key to keep the car running until he replaced the switch!


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