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Re: brakes

From: smitty
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Date: May 31, 2003


Chuck, use a master cyclinder from a 68-70 b body. It is flat and will fit under the brake booster. It has a bolt on bracket that holds the cap on and looks quite original when installed. If you will pirate this off of a car in a yard take the master cyclinder and the brake block. install it as a unit. just mount the brake block were it lays against the frame below the exhaust manifold sort of were the old one is. then all you have to do is plum in the rest of the lines to the front and the rear. i was lucky and on a few of the c body brake conversions ive done the lines with a little bending hooked up to the brake block. its really not a hard conversion. just ajust the master cyclinder rod when you install the master cyclinder to make sure the depth is correct, the rest just will fall into place.if you need a picture of the master cyclinder im talking about i can send you one. THANKS SMITTY


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