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Re: what about the 59 belvedere?

From: Bill in SD
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Date: May 31, 2003


I think the reason the 57/58 Plymouth is so popular is because of the movie Christine. If Chrstine would have been a 59 Plymouth then everyone and their dog would be redoing the 59. That's probably the main reason. It's the same thing chevy lovers go through. Every repo part in the world is made for 55-57 chevy but other models get left out. If you have something such as a 59 that is not as popular you may have to work a little harder but it's worth it in the end. I for one am sick of seeing 32 deuce coupes and 55-57 chevys, 49 mercs in all of the mags and at shows. I had a 59 plymouth a few years ago but couldn't give the parts away. It ended up in the junkyard. Maybe someday a movie about a 59 Plymouth will come out and make the 59 sought after...


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