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Re: Overdrive options

From: Paul D Hoffmeyer
Remote Name:
Date: June 01, 2003


Brian, have you considered just swapping in a Torqueflight and faster rear gears? Your Powerflight w/3.73 rear gives a 6.42 total launch ratio. A torqueflight with a 2.93 rear would give you a 7.18 total reduction, but your little 230 would only be turning about 3,000 @ 80 MPH! If you use the 3.23 rear you mentioned, you would have a 7.91 total launch ratio and still a descent cruising ratio. Should be able to do the swap with stock factory parts (tranny, shift cable, buttons and mechanism, and faceplate. Might have to swap parking brake drum, also. The Torquflight shift points will be a little high for the flatmotor, but maybe they could be adjusted down. Hope this is of some help. Paul H


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