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Re: 1956 dodge coronet-Need pics or diagram of cluch pedal mounting

From: Marty Stewart
Remote Name:
Date: June 02, 2003


I have a 56 Canadian Dodge which might be different but I have it stripped so I can send you a picture of the under cowl area and I can also send you a scan from the service manual which shows the whole clutch linkage. In my car the clutch firewall assembly is seperate from the brake and welded to the firewall as near as I could tell with a quick look this morning. It is a manual system, Is yours hydralic or an integrated pedal system with the brake pedal? If it sounds like what I have is what you need, email me, and I can get you pictures today (Monday). I am at work now but can do them as soon as I get home this afternoon. Cheers.


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