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year one demand for parts

From: narley charley
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Date: June 02, 2003


hot rod power tour has just come to an end on their new orleans leg of the trip.only seen 4 forward lookers out of about 1000 cars,a57 dodge (awesome local)59 belvedere(mine,richard petty clone)60 fury 392 hemi(killer head turner)and a 60 desoto(beautiful car)any way,after the dust settled year one brass was hanging out by their trailer.i just had to chew on their ear.the parts they reproduce are high demand parts.back when lee iacoca took over (whenever that was,late 70's early 80's)the company was hurting so bad he authorized all the old molds and patterns to be sold for scrap to gain working capital.thats why there are so many cheby and bord parts available.the mopar parts that are available are high demand parts that are justified to spend 250,000 to produce a maybe if we can all show a demand for our cars maybe just maybe we too con buy reproduction parts.for those of you who knewof all this info i'm sorry to bore ya'll,but best of all i got his e mail,so lets bombard him with mail and stir up some demand.hope all that made sense.pass this adress on to others with the same delima.thanks charley send mail to


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