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Re: year one demand for parts

From: Dave Lisiecki
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Date: June 03, 2003


I agree, it would sure help a lot to have some big suppliers (or distributors - they don't make or comission everything they sell) out there. But I've gotten a fairly warm response chatting with some other suppliers I've run into, like Layson's for example. They, for one, do make some exclusinve reproductions, and sell others, though they, too, have to follow the big demand. When I first jumped into the Fwd Look cars my other 60's - 70's buddies though I was crazy and that I'd never find parts. In actuality I was surprised what there IS out there, even though you have to look hard and talk to a lot of people before you find it. Would love to have a year One Fwd Look catalog, though. I'd feel better about wearing the Year One T-shirts that I wear all the time.


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