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Re: Overdrive options

From: Paul Hoffmeyer
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Date: June 04, 2003


Brian, I have personally installed a Powerflight in place of a Torqueflight, so it follows that you can swap them the other way. The fact that you have a flathead doesn't make a difference. Unscrew the four bolts that hold the 2 speed to the bellhousing and yank it out. Then slide the 3 speed (Torqueflight) in place and screw in the same 4 bolts in the same 4 holes. As I said, you will need the 3 speed cable, dash mechanism and buttons, and maybe switch parking brake drums. I never understood why Chrysler never offered the 3 speed behind the flathead; seems like it would have been better all around. With the extra low gear, the cars could have been geared faster in the rear and gotten better performance and gas mileage. Regards, Paul H


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