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Re: 58 Torqueflite-same problem

From: Dennis
Remote Name:
Date: June 06, 2003


Hi, I have a 61 Newport with the same symptoms. I called a know trans guy that specializes in the cast iron TF's and was told that the problem lies in the low/reverse clutches (siezed). The trans HAS to be rebuilt. I went through all of the "easy" fixes listed...adjusting the cable, pulling the pan to make sure the valve body was bolted tight to the trans (it was), all to no avail. The trans still makes the car go forward in neutral and nothing in reverse (although it seems like it's trying to go in A direction by the sound of the motor). I'll be pulling the trans here in 2 weeks or so to have it rebuilt (after a year of debating it). Wish I had better news for you. -Dennis


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