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Re: grease

From: Brian Cooper
Email: 57plymouth
Remote Name:
Date: June 08, 2003


The exhaust manifold spring should be wound around one time. It is actualy not quite one time, more like 3/4. If you wind it too tight the riser will not work. If it is only one wrap, it will be right. My feelings on lubricants of any type: If it is not synthetic, keep it out of my shop! I use strictly synthetic in everything. Grease guns included. The only exceptions to this is Chrysler Overdrive trannys get Type 3 or 4 as required and I use Catrol GTX 10/30 for new engine break-in. I even use synthetics in my 56 Ford tractor! So, get a grease gun and load it with that easy to find Valvoline Full Synthetic grease and go to town!


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