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My 1960 Plymouth Savoy

From: Ben Deutschman
Remote Name:
Date: June 17, 2003


I have several questions I hope one of you folks can answer. 1. How does one get their car on the 'Forward Look' page? 2. How does one submit photos of their car for use in the 'Forward Look' Calendar? 3. Are there any 1960 Plymouth owners in New Jersey (Central that is), who might like to get together somewhere? Like maybe for a Picnic, or something else low budget? 4. Has the 'Forward Look' site ever considered acting as, or in some way, helping those of us who might like to have their vehicles used in 'promotional adevrtising', do so? Now, for a little something else. If any of you would like to see my 1960 Plymouth Savoy, you can go to . I welcome your comments, and if you wish to speak to me via phone, please indicate that in any correspondence you send to me.


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