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trouble in dodge town-- advice from '60 dodge dart guru needed

From: nic
Remote Name:
Date: June 17, 2003


i would like to swap the rear-end in my '60 pioneer and would like to know, from someone who has done the swap before, what WILL bolt right in. i've looked through the archives and i've found some info about people using c-body rear ends in their 57-58 plymouths-dodges-desotos and so forth. will that fit in my pioneer? i wasn't sure if the dart series cars were narrower or something. the main reason for the swap is to avoid dealing with a brake rebuild that needs new drums, cyl, shoes etc. and also my car is a 6cyl/3spd and i was wondering what gear ratio it had. if i make the swap i'd like to find the same thing or something close to it. what donor car would most likely have the same ratio? and about the aaj disk brake set up-- is it a lot cheaper to buy the basic kit and then buy the rest of the stuff at a discount parts store or are the AAJ prices well matched? any help would be great. even a reference date to a previously posted fwdlk discussion article would be great. thanks in advance.


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