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Pre-62 Torqueflites do not interchange with '62-up Torqueflites

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 17, 2003


The crankshaft flanges of ALL Mopar V8's (for passenger cars) changed for the 1962 model year, meaning you cannot use a pre-62 A-466 cast iron Torqueflite behind a '62-up V8, or a '62-up 727 Torqueflite behind a pre-'62 engine. You can of course swap in a '62-up engine coupled to a '62-64 pushbutton 727 (that means for example, swap in the '63 Imperial engine and trans. as a pair). Pushbutton 727 transmission will shift directly from 1956-61 dashboard pushbutton assemblies, and the shifter cable hooks up directly to the later transmission.


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