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The axle candidates

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 18, 2003


As close as you can get to a direct bolt-in would be the 1970-74 E-body (Challenger/Barracuda) rear axle assembly, and the 1971-72 B-body (exc. wagon) axles. It's just that the 1965-70 C-body (non-wagon) axles are a good fit and are easier to find than the above axles. I use a 1970 Sport Fury axle assembly in my 1960 Plymouth station wagon, which may be about 2-3" or so wider than an E-body axle, but it still looks like it was born there (and it had a 3:55 Sure-Grip in it already!). Your original ratio could have been several ratios, likely 3:90 (or the 4:10 'mountain' ratio) but 3:55 is also possible. You desired new ration will depend on where you're planning on driving most of your miles. In the city, you could get quicker acceleration with a 4:10 ratio, but if you drove mostly on the highway a 3:55 ratio would be the better choice. Randy's Ring And Pinion sells a 3:73 ratio gearset for 8" rears as well.


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