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Pre-62 flange is longer, has 8 unthreaded bolt holes (vs. 62-up six-bolt threaded)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 18, 2003


The pre-62 flanges protrude out of the engine about 5/8" farther than the '62-up flanges. They have 8 bolt holes of unthreaded design, vs, the later A & B engines' six-bolt threaded design (and the 426 Hemi's eight-bolt threaded design). The early Hemis and the pre-62 A engines share the flange design and bellhousing pattern. I suspect that the flange design is shared with the pre-'62 B engines as well, but of course the B's have their own bellhousing pattern. With A-466 Torqueflites, since the bellhousing is bolt-on (unlike integrated in '62-up), you can change a transmission from an A/Early Hemi engine to a B engine by changing to the appropriate bellhousing.


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