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A-Body would be the perfect application for an LA Hemi

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 19, 2003


Agreed that at $8000 for the kit and a couple thousand for a stroker shortblock (you WOULD want to do a 408" shortblock if you spent $8K for this kit!) it ain't cheap, but the resulting 408 Hemi would be lighter and narrower than the 426 Hemi (remember, the crate 426-472 Hemis have iron heads, and this kit has aluminum heads). In the A-bodies, light and narrow are good qualities. This 408 Hemi would weigh little if any more than a stock iron wedge head LA (and noticably less than an all-iron BB wedge!), so you'd have good cornering capability too. The fact that they throw in block hugger headers is nice....


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