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This engine would fit on stock LA K-Frame + Motor Mounts,too

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 19, 2003


The 408" LA-based Hemi would likely cost around $12K all finished, assuming the kit is $8K. This is about the same as a 426 crate Hemi (which has iron heads). The advantages are that the 408" would be around 150-200 lbs. lighter (this alone should offset the extra 18 cubic inches in the 426), likely 3-4" narrower valve cover to valve cover and the 408" would bolt right in to any engine compartment set up for an LA (no change to the motor mounts or K-Frame!). You could use the money saved there to beef up the Torqueflite (or save even more if your car has an A-833, that should handle it just fine). The only disadvantage I can think of for the 408" is that it would not have the 426's 4-bolt mains, but Mopar engines have strong 2-bolt bottom ends.


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