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use a Aspen/Volare or a Cordoba instead

From: lee
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Date: June 20, 2003


the aspen/volare unit comes out in one piece and has you power steering disc brake etc all in one package. it only neds to be welded to the bottom of your stridde original frame rails then you do not even need to worry about front bumper mounting or sheet metal (front clip) mounting the problem with this suspension is the transverse mounted torsion bars limit you to the original track width so if the track is much wider than your original the wheels will stick too far out. the Cordoba unit can be narrowed by taking out a section of the center link, center of the k frame and rear torsion bar mount it also is welded onto you original frame rails. the problem with camero Firebird clips is that you need to take off your original frame rails then you will have to relocate radiator, bumper and sheet metal mounts to make everything fit again. they also tend to ride high then you will need to remove coils from the springs to adjust ride height and this messes up the suspension geometry and overall ride quality. with both of the torsion bar units ride height is fully adjustable with a wrench and you maintain full ride quality when you adjust it. A lot of Ford F-100 pickup builders use these front suspensions instead of Camero since they work so much better and are much easier to install. you would also need to redrill the rotor on the camero brakes to fit your wheels or change the rear end to a GM unit or have Mopar rear bolt pattern and chevy front bolt pattern and two spares.


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