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From: scott
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Date: June 20, 2003


I have helped install the cordoba fore / aft torsion bar suspension in a full framed car (studebaker) and it is a LOT of work. You must make a jig for the critical mounting points of the radiator and front sheet metal if you cut off the front of the original frame. Positioning the sub-frame for correct wheelbase and ride height is tricky. And be prepared to do a lot of fabrication and welding. The problem with installing the volare (or cordoba) under the existing frame is that you may end up with a ride height that is too high. While you can adjust ride height somewhat with the torsion bars, ride quality or handling will turn to crap. Also with the volare, you are limited on torsion bar availability and bar rate. The fore / aft bar cars are much more plentiful and there are a wide range of torsion bar rates available. With that said, the end result is a car that will drive and handle very nicely, if done correctly. I've got an F-100 with a camero sub-frame ( I did not install) Nothing wrong with it, rides and handles nice. The nice thing about the camero is the parts availability. Plenty of replacement parts for stock and also lots of aftermarket pieces available (bigger brakes, dropped spindles, etc..)and the fact that you can do air ride if you want it to set really low for parking lot profilin'. I'm told that Mopars do not have enough packaging space for air ride. It's a tough choice and a ton of work that may result in something that is not noticeably better than your stock suspension with some clever up-grades (sway bar, disc brakes, urethane bushings, etc.) I'm going to go the stock suspension, sway bar, disc brake, urethane bushing route with my 57 Custom Royal Lancer. Good Luck.


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