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Spitfire Headers

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: June 20, 2003


Some of you may wish to look into this, I have bought headers for 2 of my polys from Harold Johnson of Spitfire and although shipping was always a little slow he always came though with them, I have a order with him now that may, or may not, be sent depending on the out come of investingation. As Harold has ended his last phone number and sometime back ended his email. Now he may be in hot water with more than a few people and may be the law....... if anyone has orders, paid for or not, or was looking at these headers for their poly needs to be warned of this..... I really hate to see this happen to him, as his low cost poly headers were much better than the stock man's....but if you have a order that has not come though you may wish to cut and past this into your browser


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