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Re: HELP 55 Desoto Brake Assembly

From: Lee Lopes
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Date: June 21, 2003


sorry you are having this problem! I had it too with my 55 desoto that i'm restoring. I bought new shoes and cylinders from andy bernbaum and when i went to install the front sets i ran into the same thing. the best reason i could come up with was the new shoes have oversize linings with drums that were not hardly cut. i called bernbaum and told them about the situation. they told me to do 1 of 3 things: 1)either grind the guide pins down to draw in the shoes (or buy the new shorter pins), 2) turn the drum (but that would have taken a lot of metal off the drum), or 3) using a stationary belt sander evenly sand away the lining material (again too much material would be gone). I chose to grind the pins down. If you do this make sure that they are smooth to the touch. some emory cloth would smooth them enough. If you don't deel like doing that then get the new shorter pins from bernbaum. good luck! Lee Lopes


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