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Re: 60 "chryply" update. also gen. to alt. question.

From: Brian Cormier
Remote Name:
Date: June 22, 2003


I've done a similar conversion on a 60 Chrysler. I had access to a 62 Chrysler for parts. any 61-64 should be useful for all the parts. I suggest you use a right exhaust from the new car rather than cutting the old one. Use the alternator mounting hardware and engine wiring harness as well. Change that voltage regualator to the newer one or buy the electronic P part. New alt. belt may be needed. Now here's the hard part- if you want to use the old cylinder head you will have to drill it out and tap the hole to mount the alt. and bracket correctly. Helps to have a later model handy for reference. It's difficult to do but not impossible. You may go into the water jacket while doing this. Don't be alarmed-this is normal. Hope this helps.


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